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From a probability standpoint roulette is comparatively easy to understand. Each spin of the roulette wheel is independent, (so unlike craps) your odds of winning don't change based on the previous spin that is how roulette works for the casino. 

Our strategic information changes the casino's odds and makes them work for you and not for the casino. The strategy we have designed shows you the easiest way to learn how to play roulette so you can beat the casino's 2.7% edge they have over players when using the European roulette wheel and the 5.7% edge they have over players when placing bets on the American roulette wheel which has a double zero and a single zero pocket.


There are two main differences between the two roulette wheels.

The European roulette wheel has one zero pocket.  

The American roulette wheel has one zero pocket and an extra double zero pocket.

  There are two numbers on each roulette wheel that are in numerical order and the same colour.

On the European roulette wheel these two numbers are 28 and 29 and both of theses numbers are black.

The two numbers on the  American roulette wheel are 18 and 19 and both of these numbers are red.

The numbers on the roulette table where you place your bets are are in numerical sequence

numbered 1 through to 36 in groups of 12.

 Casinos around the world have three options of roulette wheel size that they can choose from for their roulette tables.

Casino's around the world have the option of using different size roulette wheels, these start at 27 inch, this being the smallest of the three sizes next is 30 inch and the largest being 32 inches and most casino's prefer to use the 32 inch roulette wheel in their casino's, our strategy is compatible with all three wheel sizes and the difference has no impact on our system in any way.

There are also two different ball sizes that casinos have the option of using these being 18 mm and 22 mm and they are used in proportion to the wheel size of their choice.

Our strategy works in your favour regardless of what size ball or wheel they a using. 

Bet placements can be done in many different ways and players can get multiple wins from a single bet placement.

American roulette with zero and double zero pockets

There are a number of bet placements that can be placed on the roulette table and all of them can give you multiple wins with the exception of a straight up bet, only a single number is covered but the return is 35 - 1 ie $10 bet wins you $350 easy money.

Some roulette facts

A straight up bet pays out 35 to 1.  

For an example if you place a $10 bet the win will give you $350 profit now you have a lot more of their cash to bet with. 

Our strategy always wins with all other outside bet's you may choose to place but these wins are lower because the win percentage you will gain is higher and you can get more wins, faster.


Big bet's pay well on outside betting areas as the odds are more in your favour.

There are some examples of the bets that can be placed further down the page. Our winning strategy has been crafted by us and not a computer and what we have designed is for roulette only.

There are so many different websites that have page after page of text about roulette it gets quite confusing on where to start and how to play.

We concentrate on the one game ,the game of roulette. 

Our strategy is not based around multiple random bets or the probability factor of a win is due and our strategy has not been designed using any mathematical system, or computer programming software. 


The roulette wheel is designed in such a way as to give "you" the player a 48.6 % chance of a win this is because of the zero or double zero pockets, if there were no zeros you would have a 50% chance. Our strategy enables you to get a winning edge of between 67% and up to 91% over and above your expectations and an average of around 85%. 

So if you want to win more cash our strategy will get you a lot closer to achieving this.     


A casino using the European roulette wheel has a 2.7% edge over bets placed on this wheel because of the single zero pocket whereas the American roulette wheel has a 5.2% edge over bets placed on this wheel due to the fact that the American roulette wheel has a single zero pocket plus a double zero pocket, this fact enables a casino using the American roulette wheel to have a greater edge over you and your bets and you don't want that. When you implement our strategy you will reduce the casinos edge and increase yours above theirs.


What we have designed is for both the European and American roulette wheels, regardless of the  edge they have over players and obviously the European roulette wheel is more appealing to roulette player's.

The extra double zero pocket on the American roulette wheel shows how the frenetic randomness of the European roulette wheel sequence to be less, giving you a greater edge over the casino.

Our strategy provides all the information needed to reach the full potential of your skills as a roulette player so you can win.

Everything you need to know is explained in meticulous detail with easy to understand examples that are ready to be implemented and will give you the knowledge and skills on how to take money from the casino.  

With your knowledge of roulette and how the croupier's operate, you will be ready to start making a good profit from playing roulette. 

Our strategy has been designed for you so you don't have to place random bets or use computer generated systems. 

Roulette players will quickly understand this method of playing roulette and how it works after you read our information and study our detailed examples.

What we have designed is also a simple approach for beginners to learn how to play, it is not complicated in any way compared to other strategies or systems .


We give you our own personal strategy that will show you how to"win more cash.

You will receive our roulette strategy right away ready to download after the one off payment.

Our strategy is for roulette only, all of our resources and experience have been designed around the one and only game in the casino where the winning is easy the odds are much better and the payouts are bigger.

  #   bet name       Covered numbers and bet placement                 
  4     sIX LINE     a BET ON TWO ADJACENT LINES.     
  6     tRIO          a THREE NUMBER BET THAT INCLUDES THE ZEROS          
   7     bASKET       bET ON 0,1,2 AND 3 

                  Example only

Developed and designed for beginners and experienced roulette player's.

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